Pad of Time is the Last Wii U game ! available for Wii U and Switch !

Pad of Time

The time is in your hands

Explore the past, present and future

It's time to play a 2.5D retro-style platformer... WITH A TWIST! Now thanks to the new time machine "Pad of Time" you will explore the past, present and future from each level.

What is Pad of Time ?

Pad of Time is a classic action-adventure game with a Nintendo 64 retro aesthetic with a twist! In this
game you’re able to use a time machine to swap between past, present, and future of every level.
Our main characters are ready to mess up with “the time-line” for their own benefits and face tough


  • Classic platformer game 2.5D graphics with Nintendo 64 retro aesthetic (Paper Mario)

  • Time traveling, experience the past, present and future of every level

  • 3 Playable Characters with unique abilities balanced, fast and strong

  • Kawaii Chibi looking characters that fits perfectly with Nintendo Systems

  • Play the entire game with a Gameboy look [Exclusive feature on Wii U]

  • Based on an online animated web series

  • Game developed by a solo indie game dev as a side project

  • Pad of Time is the last Wii U game released in America !

Pick your pad and be a time traveler

In this game your pad turns into a time machine, which console will you use ?
Pad of Time is available for Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck port is in development

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